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Welcome to our Press Archive.
Here you can delve into our rich history through a selection of newspaper articles
dating back to our origins in 1978. Many students have come and gone over the years,
maybe you will spot yourself or someone you know.
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1979 Hanshi Asano's very first visit to the Konjaku Shin Dojo, 3rd February 1979.


Hanshi Asano, then 7th dan visits the Konjaku Shin Dojo which at that time held classes at Whitgift School, Grimsby.
1979 Mark Turner,
Konjaku Shin's first student to reach Black Belt.


1982 SKIGB Champs Success.
1982 The legendary
Hirokazu Kanazawa visits Konjaku Shin.
1982 Malcolm Jerram triumphs.
1986 Juniors members Aaron Garside and Anthony Doughty gain black belts.
1986 Derek Monnikendam retires then starts karate at 65.
1987 Kancho Kanazawa returns.


Karate: "one long beginner's course."


1988 SKIF World Championships, Utsunomiya, Japan.
1988 Konjaku Shin's 10th Anniversary.
1989 Hanshi Asano.
1989 "The Little Belter"
James Bloomfield.
1989 Sensei Kershaw
3rd Time SKIGB Kata Champion.
1989 Demonstration for Toyota Cars.
1990 Hanshi Asano demonstrates with
Sensei Kershaw.
1991 Youmg students Mark Fuller and Karl Greensmith watched by Hanshi Asano.
1991 Junior students Stephen Wilkinson and Matthew Denton with Hanshi Asano.
1991 Sensei Kershaw at SKIF World Championships in Mexico City.
1991 Article on
Sensei Kershaw.
1992 Konjaku Shin instructor
Brian Turner gains his 3rd Dan.
1992 Joseph Rodrigues from Goa, India vists Konjaku Shin.
1992 Sensei Kershaw awarded
Wilkinson Sword.
1993 Report on the forthcoming opening of Konjaku Shin's new premises.
1994 Official Opening of Konjaku Shin's own premises in Lower Spring Street, Grimsby.
1994 Sensei Kershaw
gains 5th Dan.
1995 Hanshi Asano
in Grimsby.
1995 Karate Kids.
1995 Konjaku Kings.
1996 Charles Hannah
grabs silver.
1996 Hanshi Asano heads special course.
1996 Masterclass.
1996 South Yorks Champ's Squad success.
1996 The loss of a loyal student.
1996 Sarah Wright's success at our Annual Championships.
1997 Takiguchi Sensei visits
Konjaku Shin.
1997 Martial Hearts '97 raises funds for Dunblane Primary School.
1997 Elisha Whitaker wins
Admiral Cup.
1998 Konjaku Shin's 20th Anniversary.
1998 Konjaku Shin special classes for students with learning disabilities.
1998 Sensei Kershaw competes one last time in honour of Hanshi Asano's  30th Anniversary.
1998 Robert, Elizabeth and Matthew receive Dunblane Award.
1999 Five top British instructors
teach together at Konjaku Shin.
2001 Sensei Kershaw makes his first trip to Amritsar, India.
2002 Sue Bloomfield awarded
Bob Hodgkiss Memorial Trophy.
2003 Konjaku Shin's 25th Anniversary.
2003 Lea Downey and Damion Valdenaire take Gold in India.
2003 Charles Hannah gains 4th Dan.
2004 Sensei Dave Kershaw, Sensei Charles Hannah and student Lea Downey visit Amritsar.
2004 Hanshi Asano - Samurai.
2005 Hanshi Asano weighing up talent.
2005 Spirited Response.
2005 Sensei Kershaw & Sensei Hannah caught up in Asian earthquake.
2005 A family affair.
2006 Sensei Kershaw returns to India
2006 Lea Downey wins five gold medals in India
2007 George and Adam get master class


Martial Arts Marvels
2007 Angie & Charles
Get stuck in!
2007 September Kodomo's
2007 Team for India
2007 Konjaku Shin Himalayas 2007 India squad triumph!
2007 New Dan Grades
2008 Konjaku Shin's
30th Anniversary
2009 Nine New
Dan Grades
2010 New Kodomo Grades
2010 2011 Dojo Championships
2011 Hanshi Asano Course February 2011
2011 New Kodomo Grades
2011 Nine new Konjaku Shin Dan Grades Nine Instructors and Students Gain New Dan Grades
2012 Konjaku Shin Kodomo Grades Our First Kodomo Grades of 2012
2012 Konjaku Shin Dan Grades Seven New Dan Grades
2012 Seventeen New Kodomo Grades
2012 Special Course and Three New Dan Grades
2013 India Trip Raises Money For Charity
2013 Konjaku Shin's 35th Anniversary
2013 Konjaku Shin (India) Gashaku
Mumbai 2013
2014 Konjaku Shin Dan Grades New Dan Grades
2014 Linda Clarke "Talented" Linda Clarke earns here Godan grade
2015 Konjaku Shin Kodomo Grades "Awesome" Kodomo's
2015 Konjaku Shin Karate First Dan & Kyu Grades of 2015
2015 Konjaku Shin Dan Grading New Dan Grades. Rose Kean Attains Sandan.
2016 Konjaku Shin Aces Aces on New Year Course.
2016 Karate in Grimsby June 2016 New Dan/Kyu Grades.
2016 Karate in Grimsby Black Magic Powers!
2017 Karate in Grimsby First New Kodomo Grades of 2017
2017 Cordelia Salter Gains Black Belt Twelve Year Old Cordelia Salter Gains her Shodan
2018 Konjaku Shin March 2018 Grading  Konjaku Shin Members Show True Colours
2018 Konjaku Shin's 40th Anniversary Konjaku Shin's 40th Anniversary
2019 Konjaku Shin Grading September 2019 September 2019 Karate Kids

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