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Are you looking for a karate club for yourself, or maybe your children to join, but want to be sure you choose the right one? Here are some tips on what to look for in a club and it's instructors.

On the left are the points to consider, and on the right are the answers you will find at Konjaku Shin.

Points to consider


at Konjaku Shin

Whichever club, or clubs you are considering, arrange to visit and watch a session. This will give you a good feel as to how it is run, how competent the instructors are, and how they treat their students. Any reputable club will have no problem in allowing this.

Prospective students are always offered the chance to watch a lesson before deciding to join. We also offer a free taster session, to further help you decide.

Are the instructors qualified? Wearing a black belt does not automatically make someone an instructor. They should have had instructor training, and hold qualifications.

All Konjaku Shin instructors have had specific instructor training, and hold a minimum 2nd dan black belt. 
Have the instructors been cleared by the Criminal Records Bureau? This is vital if you are considering taking a child to any club.

All Konjaku Shin instructors have ENHANCED DBS Checks. Enhanced is the highest level of check.
Please click HERE to visit the Criminal Records Bureau website, for full details.
Who grades students, and are the grades recognised outside that club?

Examiners should hold at least the grade of 4th dan Black belt, awarded to them by a recognised and reputable examiner.

Sensei Dave Kershaw 8th dan black belt performs all grading examinations at the Konjaku Shin Honbu (Headquarters) in Grimsby.
Will you be insured when training?

All Konjaku Shin students are insured for 5,000,000 Public Liability through the FEDERATION OF ENGLISH KARATE ORGANISATIONS when they take out membership.
Click HERE to visit their website.
Which association does the club belong to?

The Konjaku Shin National School of Karate is registered as an association with F.E.K.O (Federation of English Karate Organisations).
What happens if you have an accident? Is there someone qualified to treat you or your child?

All Konjaku Shin instructors are qualified BRITISH RED CROSS First Aiders. They have undergone thorough training on courses specifically related to possible karate injuries.
How long has the club been running? Konjaku Shin was established in 1978, so has a long, and proven track record. See HERE for some press clippings over the past almost 40 years.
Someone came to your door trying to get you to join their club.

This is a growing problem!
These karate "salesmen" usually have very little, or no training at all in karate; they just do it for commission. Instructors at these clubs are often of very low grade and experience. They would not be allowed to teach in the major, established associations. Look up "door to door karate" on the internet, to read of many people's bad experiences.
Konjaku Shin would never be involved in such a practice.
I have been told I need to buy protective equipment, and that I have to buy it through that club.

Traditional karate does not use any protective equipment. Kara-te means "empty-hand" . No gloves or padding are used.
This is the case at Konjaku Shin, as we teach traditional karate-do.
If, however, a club chooses to use protective wear, then why can't the student buy it where they like?
Will you have to pay anything up front, before you've even done one lesson?

At Konjaku Shin, no-one is asked to pay anything before they have done their first, free, taster session. After this, they are allowed to go off and think about it until their next visit.
Are parents allowed to stay and watch their children train?

Parents of children training at Konjaku Shin can either watch their children training in the dojo, or via a live video feed in the lounge.
Are the training premises safe?

Konjaku Shin takes health and safety very seriously. it's premises are maintained to the highest standards, with it's members safety of paramount interest. A swipe card security system means that only members, and their families are allowed entry the building. 24 hour recorded security cameras are also in operation inside and out.
Prices vary among different clubs. Should you go by price?

As in everything, you get what you pay for. At Konjaku Shin, we offer training at the highest level, with world class instructors, in one of the finest karate dojo's in the world. When considering price, look at what you are getting for your money.
My child is only young, so does it matter whether the grades are internationally recognised? They want to take up karate, but not too seriously.

Your child will grow up! At that point they may want to take it more seriously. It would be very disappointing at that stage, to find that the grades they have are not recognised elsewhere.
They may travel to other parts of the country, or indeed the world, and want to visit and train at a dojo.
Grades awarded at Konjaku Shin are recognised worldwide. You could walk into a dojo in any country and your grades should be recognised.
In addition, in traditional karate, all terminology is in Japanese. This is so internationally. If you visit any traditional dojo worldwide, you will be able to train and understand the instructor.


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